About Me

Getting to Know Me

My name is Herrick Sun and I am an engineer by profession. I had started my Online Business exploration in 2011 after watching Frank Kern’s renowned parrot tale and Russell Benson’s Potato Gun.

These gurus make acquiring money seems so easy. I jumped in and started my online pursuit which turned out to be quite different from what I anticipated.

I am not sure about you, but I regard myself as a technical geek and I am very proud of my learning capabilities and my talent in solving problems in a snap. Yet, after trying lots of things, none actually worked! Why is it so hard when those guys seemed to be having a great time?

So, I bought 6 Done-for-You website from the so called guru. After doing what the “guru” said, I waited, waited and waited a bit more. The result? Nobody visited my site even once let alone subscribe! I thought to myself and concluded that perhaps the guy was a fake.

Next, I tried building a list (most people say that money is in the list so I might as well try), then I actually bought a course as well as squeeze page and I built my very own list.

Whoa! I was amazed at myself because I was able to build a list of around 1,000 within the span of only two weeks. The list builder worked! But the sweet happiness I initially felt soon turned sour as nobody actually purchased the product, I waited a bit more then concluded that nobody will ever come and buy. (Later, I found out that getting a non-targeted traffic to build a list was foolish but the fella who sold me the course forgot to mention that tiny important detail.)

After that, I built Amazon sites, engaged in email marketing, tried video marketing, and a whole lot more you could just imagine.

Still, luck was not on my side.

Then I met a marketer who told me that the key to Internet Marketing is actually “Marketing”. According to him, if I do not do any marketing, then I am not doing any online business and naturally I will not be able to earn some decent cash. It has nothing to do with building a gorgeous website, publishing eBooks, or building a list in a speed of light.

It was indeed an eye opener for me.

The marketer further stated that it is not what I sell but how I sell it – that is the more important thing.
From there, I started focusing my effort in marketing and outsourcing most of the work load and then I finally got some results. I started to enjoy stable income – still so far away from the financial freedom that I longed for but it is a monumental breakthrough for me and it is good enough…for the time being.

Through this blog, allow me to share the latest development in my IM progress. I will show you the methods that I have tried which actually worked and brought me the bacon. Truth be told, there are a lot of mindset changing that should be accomplished in order to gain success online. As a technical guy, I can tell you that shifting to a marketing mindset is a huge challenge for me but nothing I can’t handle.

After learning and going through so much about Internet Marketing, I found out that the biggest hindrance in attaining the coveted success is my self. There are so many beliefs and fears that tend to limit ourselves and prevent us from taking a step ahead. I believe that the day you walked out of your comfort zone is the day where your real journey begins as you set foot on your way to online success. Don’t you think so?