Mindset # 4: Think about abundant money paths you can choose from (without sacrificing personal value)

~Online can give abundant opportunities. There are far more ways to earn money online than you can ever imagine~

When I was starting out, a lot of people (like me) do think there exists the easiest way to earn money. So, like most people, I try to look into the offers coming to my email box everyday. I was hoping (and expecting) to find the REAL ONE that I have been waiting for.

After buying so many courses and being scammed for so many times, I discovered one thing – there are thousands of ways to make money online and every path really works. My only consolation is that I did earn some money on each path I took.

If you will take a look at it carefully, in each path there are guys who really find the ways to earn the big bucks. It is actually a matter of choice; however, I am also aware of something.

When I make a certain choice, it is not only about how much money that path can provide and I did struggle with other things. One of the struggles I need to face is about personal value.

Let me ask you a question, if you joined a program and the guy showed you his earnings from all the programs he runs (let us assume that the earnings are real) and one of them only requires sending 10 emails to people each day, will you accept the offer and do it? Understand that I am not against this or anything, but that is definitely something that I don’t want to do. Another situation, there is a big market for selling Adult materials where earning money is fast and easy, will you dive in? If you will ask me I will not do it due to personal preference, but that is me. Other people have other opinion about it as well.

Another struggle is about actual selling. We don’t like it when some people keep on insisting on us to buy their product. We don’t want to be judged as a pushy salesman either. Let me just clarify certain things, I know that selling is very crucial to business and it is a matter of acceptance. There is also this fact that there are different kinds of people out there and all are potential clients or buyers but we don’t have any means of knowing if our marketing activities or strategies will offend anyone or not. My point here is not about to sell the product or not to sell the product – it is the awareness regarding the kind (or intensity) of marketing involved in certain paths that might make you uncomfortable.

Let me illustrate, if you choose to focus on publishing kindle books you actually don’t need to market and sell your own books because Amazon will basically cover most of the work for you.

If you want to launch a product (eBooks, software, or course), the crucial factors to consider in order to achieve success are networking with JVs and positioning yourself in front of the general public as the expert on the matter.

In any case, you might not fully agree with the things I’ve said but those are the struggles I need to face head on when I started. Honestly, I really want to earn money fast especially during those times when I’m in some kind of pit (desperate situation, in other words). However, I want you to know that you have a choice – you ALWAYS have a choice. There are lots of ways to earn money online. Choose the one that best suits your ability and your personal value.

At the end of the day if I earned a lot of money, I want to be proud of the things I had able to accomplish without sacrificing my personal value. I can truly say that it is indeed a good way to end the day – people benefit from it and I had not compromised my personal value just to earn that amount of money.



Mindset #3: Focus and Persistence – the key to your success

FOCUS = Finishing One Course Until Success is attained”

I could barely remember where I had seen this saying, but I think it is really true if you want to achieve online success.

I just joined a mentoring program recently and at the same time I bought another done-for-you funnel bundled with a mentoring program as well. The mentor from the done-for-you program advised me one thing, “if you follow our mentoring program, you got a good chance to succeed. If you choose to follow your original mentor, you will properly succeed too. However, if you try to follow two (mentors) at the same time – you get a high chance of (being a) failure”.

It made me ponder for a moment and I think he was right. During my early days as a newbie, I was able to earn $10 here and another $20 there after trying different programs – but no serious earnings.

Frankly, I was tempted (once more) to jump to another course which seems to be promising especially if you are facing a dead end in your current project.

Let me tell you one factual truth that the gurus and course owner failed to tell you (unintentionally or not) – to be blunt, the course is not that easy. They will tell you that the course is very simple and you can get your project down in less than 10 minutes or within 48 hours (at the most). You will start earning money in no time at all.

To a certain extent, their claim is actually correct – if you are at the same level as them.

I call it Necessary but Insufficient conditions. Allow me to explain, you might think that if you do A then you will certainly get B, but that is not the case. In order to get B, A alone is not sufficient because there are other conditions or actions that must be presumed. Let me explain further by giving you an example: if a seller thinks that he will get more buyers if he lowers the price, he better think again. There are many hidden assumptions that might not be favorable to the seller. Assumption 1, the competitor might not compete with the seller. Assumption 2, the market had never been saturated.

Now let us go back to my experience. I was told to make an exit popup in my squeeze page in order to retain more prospects.
That was an easy thing for me to do since I had bought Exit Splash but when I was about to use in, the page was using a Plugin and I could not change it (merely because it’s from the done-for-you-package). I only have limited knowledge regarding php. I asked for support but it took a lot of time and they were not able to give a solution. I was forced to work day and night to determine the problem and hopefully find the right answer. It took me 4 days to finish sorting out the problem.

Next was tracking installation. I bought the demon tracking software which worked fine with my other site but not with this particular site. I spent another 7 days to sort everything out.
Okay, enough of that, my point is there is ALWAYS some difficulties in every project. If you don’t prepare for it, then expect to feel frustrated later on and hope for something easier. You might even conclude that the path you chose to take is not for you.

So, be prepared to face such situation in your journey. As I mentioned before, I always encounter a sort of Obstacle EVERY TIME I chose a certain path. When I say every time, I really mean EVERY TIME (see my previous blogs). When such hardship suddenly popped up, I don’t feel discouraged anymore. Do not even try or attempt to jump to another project that looks easier. Just focus on your current project, have enough persistence, and soon you will reap the fruit of your success.

P.S.: My mentor advised me to look for an outsourced program (regarding my problem earlier) to fix everything for me next time when I encounter such problem again. You know what, he’s right and now I know what to do, find a cheap support perhaps?

Mindset # 2 – There is no such thing as free in online business.

I don’t know what you think but spending your hard earned money for something uncertain is just plain too risky for me and you will never expect me to do that.

When I began my journey, I heard Frank Kern’s story about the parrot. It made me think that if I follow his guidance, build a site with a proper keyword, clients will flock my site. If that is the case, why should I spend some money just to get some traffic to my site? At that time, I had no idea about paid traffic.

What you don’t know won’t hurt you, correct?

I practically tried all methods to get FREE traffics to my site. I put free e-books on sharing sites with link back to my site, I put YouTube video, and more (N.B.: I now realized that those mentioned methods really work if you do it properly and consistently).

Things did not go as expected. My sites were completely barren, without a single visitor.

In order to get FREE traffic, I spent most of my time working in front of my computer. Giving all those hard work was not the major issue. The trouble was I got no visitor and it was truly frustrating.

It turned into a negative loop, the more time I had devoted on my FREE traffic, the more I got frustrated and the more I wanted another quick solution with little effort. I jumped to the new courses that promised no work but with quick result.

Can you see what’s happening? It’s like a rat race that goes on in an endless loop especially if you are someone desperate to attain success in a short span of time. You are more likely to be trapped by those bad guys waiting for you to grab their hype courses for easy money.

Yes, though it is too embarrassing to admit – been there, done that.

Let me make this clear, free traffic is good but the problem here is the mindset. Well, nothing is really FREE.

I understand better now that working online is a game that involves TIME, MONEY, and EFFORT. If you don’t want to spend money then you need to spend hours in front of your computer. If you spend some money, results come really fast – result, not necessarily success.

If I use Paid Traffic, I may be able to witness massive traffic coming in within an hour and I will be able to tell if my site is working or not.

Gong back to my previous article, to spend or not to spend is a business decision. If you are the owner, you won’t shoo away the idea of spending money. You will want to know the ROI or return on investment. You should have questions like: how much return can I get from the $1 I spent today, and what is the turn around time for such to happen?

The lesson here is that I should have treated the online projects as a form of business instead of a hobby. I need to take into account the amount of work that I have spent into it and the reason why I should not regard it as something free.

Before we part ways, let me tell the things I am doing now. For new projects here are the questions I need to ask: what is the projected ROI; can I outsource it (frankly speaking, the editing of this article is outsourced but the content is solely mine. I need someone to do the editing for me so that I will be able to concentrate in creating the necessary content without constantly worrying about grammar and sentence structure. It saved me tons of precious time).

Now, I am starting to think like a veteran business owner (FINALLY). I will carefully determine the best ROI for the project I currently have. If I can outsource it quickly and the ROI is still considered good, then I will definitely give it a go, period.

What I really want is financial Freedom, not an 18-hour job.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mindset #1 – A fast Quitter is doomed to fail.

I used to think that this mindset thing is more on a theoretical side and not something that you should spend your precious time with. I am quite puzzled why all those courses usually put something like that in the beginning of their modules (there are also courses that only put such line just to make them selves look more professional and great while there are others that are merely following the trend).

Later as I continued my IM journey, I learned that mindset indeed very important.

Now, let us be practical.

Allow me to ask you a question. If you follow your course to the dot in building your website, yet you did not generate any traffic and no result, what would be your reaction?

– Conclude that the course is a scam?

– Suspect that the course is not working?

Would you believe me if I told you that most marketers who became successful online knew that only 1 out of 10 sites under them can really attain serious success?

You might think I am pulling your leg if I tell you now that many gurus actually lose their dollars upfront and then get the return later with a whopping 200% and 300%.

When I was still new or just starting out, I was expecting to get results real fast and when things failed to meet my expectations, I just regarded the course as rubbish and I immediately switch to another one.

Many experienced marketers told me that a lot of “newbies” are just breath away from reaching the line of success but they suddenly quit when they are only inches away from it. They failed to do things consistently (such as building backlinks and driving traffic to their sites) to reach the finish line.

I have to make a confession, I was one of those newbies. I created an Amazon website selling some products and did some back linking but I got bored. Soon, I started watching training videos that were more interesting and browsing through forums to get more information. I was waiting for the site to occupy a spot in the first page of Google. Everyday, I log in to my Google analytic account and unfortunately I did not see the site within the first 500 domains.

I waited for a whole day until weeks passed by – still nowhere in sight. Then I quit looking at it and declared that the project was a complete and utter failure. The thing about it is that I believed that I had spent ample hours of keyword research just to get a good niche (and I was certain that I had a good niche) then I bought the relevant domain. In the end, that too failed even I don’t know why that happened when I was so sure but it did not matter since there were so many new courses to choose from out there to give me easier and quicker money. All I need back then was a switch.

To be honest, this scenario happened for several months and I was looking and hoping for a quick fix. Accidentally, on one incidence, I found out that Amazon website landed the 6th position on the Google’s first page for a keyword that was not originally targeted.

Geez, I should have closely monitored it and started working more to put it to higher places.

I began to review my other sites that I had neglected for a long time. There were some sites where I paid some money in exchange for some traffic but I was not able to make a sale and then I nonchalantly declared it as not working.

I realized I had the same problem of trying on a certain project once or twice and if I’m not happy with the result during those trial moments I let it die and chase after the next opportunity.

I decided to focus on tweaking and making adjustments on the existing site and looked at my FAILURE in a different light and called it useful information in achieving success. The tweaking did a good job in bringing in considerable number of subscribers and sales.

So the lesson learned from my failure as stated above is that in order to succeed, you need substantial amount of time and effort (the tweaking part). In fact, the so called failure in this sense is the cost or the investment for acquiring the information on gaining success in your business.

So with this, let me share several mindsets that will practically transform your current mindset and prepare you for the bigger challenges that you need to face in your journey.

Herrick Sun’s Blog – Welcome to My World


Hi, let me welcome you personally to my blog about financial freedom and value. I hope you find this truly helpful without boring you to the ground. So here goes…

It was year 2011 when I started my journey and great adventure to attain financial freedom through Online Business. Yes, convict me for I am guilty of chasing after shiny objects, not taking actions quickly, procrastinating on projects to my heart’s content, and browsing my emails at least 50 times a day with high expectations that something might happen and turn my life around.

I had been scammed for God knows how many times by the so called financial “gurus” and whatever and by the pushbutton system that pushed me instead which I willingly allowed. I had spent thousands of dollars and gained nothing in return but headaches and tons of frustration – I admit I lost in this IM game.

Did those stop me? No! It did not stop me in my pursuit of making my dream a reality. After so many painstaking hours working on my IM projects, I finally got the results that I want to see.

Through this blog, let me share with you the things that I am currently working on. No matter how embarrassing it may seem, I will share my failures so don’t make the same mistakes I did and let me boast by sharing my share of successes. I will tell you what works and what not. I hope you will get something valuable from me for your IM journey.

I know that Value and Trust are the essential factors to achieve success in any online business. I definitely value your trust so much and I am confident that I will be able to impart valuable information to you through this blog.

Believe that person who once said that, “the smart guy learned from his mistakes and the wise guy learned from the mistakes of others”.

That being said let me be the smart guy and I hope you accept being the wise guy. Fair enough?

Keep in touch and always drop by to share your ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon.