Mindset # 2 – There is no such thing as free in online business.

I don’t know what you think but spending your hard earned money for something uncertain is just plain too risky for me and you will never expect me to do that.

When I began my journey, I heard Frank Kern’s story about the parrot. It made me think that if I follow his guidance, build a site with a proper keyword, clients will flock my site. If that is the case, why should I spend some money just to get some traffic to my site? At that time, I had no idea about paid traffic.

What you don’t know won’t hurt you, correct?

I practically tried all methods to get FREE traffics to my site. I put free e-books on sharing sites with link back to my site, I put YouTube video, and more (N.B.: I now realized that those mentioned methods really work if you do it properly and consistently).

Things did not go as expected. My sites were completely barren, without a single visitor.

In order to get FREE traffic, I spent most of my time working in front of my computer. Giving all those hard work was not the major issue. The trouble was I got no visitor and it was truly frustrating.

It turned into a negative loop, the more time I had devoted on my FREE traffic, the more I got frustrated and the more I wanted another quick solution with little effort. I jumped to the new courses that promised no work but with quick result.

Can you see what’s happening? It’s like a rat race that goes on in an endless loop especially if you are someone desperate to attain success in a short span of time. You are more likely to be trapped by those bad guys waiting for you to grab their hype courses for easy money.

Yes, though it is too embarrassing to admit – been there, done that.

Let me make this clear, free traffic is good but the problem here is the mindset. Well, nothing is really FREE.

I understand better now that working online is a game that involves TIME, MONEY, and EFFORT. If you don’t want to spend money then you need to spend hours in front of your computer. If you spend some money, results come really fast – result, not necessarily success.

If I use Paid Traffic, I may be able to witness massive traffic coming in within an hour and I will be able to tell if my site is working or not.

Gong back to my previous article, to spend or not to spend is a business decision. If you are the owner, you won’t shoo away the idea of spending money. You will want to know the ROI or return on investment. You should have questions like: how much return can I get from the $1 I spent today, and what is the turn around time for such to happen?

The lesson here is that I should have treated the online projects as a form of business instead of a hobby. I need to take into account the amount of work that I have spent into it and the reason why I should not regard it as something free.

Before we part ways, let me tell the things I am doing now. For new projects here are the questions I need to ask: what is the projected ROI; can I outsource it (frankly speaking, the editing of this article is outsourced but the content is solely mine. I need someone to do the editing for me so that I will be able to concentrate in creating the necessary content without constantly worrying about grammar and sentence structure. It saved me tons of precious time).

Now, I am starting to think like a veteran business owner (FINALLY). I will carefully determine the best ROI for the project I currently have. If I can outsource it quickly and the ROI is still considered good, then I will definitely give it a go, period.

What I really want is financial Freedom, not an 18-hour job.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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