Mindset #3: Focus and Persistence – the key to your success

FOCUS = Finishing One Course Until Success is attained”

I could barely remember where I had seen this saying, but I think it is really true if you want to achieve online success.

I just joined a mentoring program recently and at the same time I bought another done-for-you funnel bundled with a mentoring program as well. The mentor from the done-for-you program advised me one thing, “if you follow our mentoring program, you got a good chance to succeed. If you choose to follow your original mentor, you will properly succeed too. However, if you try to follow two (mentors) at the same time – you get a high chance of (being a) failure”.

It made me ponder for a moment and I think he was right. During my early days as a newbie, I was able to earn $10 here and another $20 there after trying different programs – but no serious earnings.

Frankly, I was tempted (once more) to jump to another course which seems to be promising especially if you are facing a dead end in your current project.

Let me tell you one factual truth that the gurus and course owner failed to tell you (unintentionally or not) – to be blunt, the course is not that easy. They will tell you that the course is very simple and you can get your project down in less than 10 minutes or within 48 hours (at the most). You will start earning money in no time at all.

To a certain extent, their claim is actually correct – if you are at the same level as them.

I call it Necessary but Insufficient conditions. Allow me to explain, you might think that if you do A then you will certainly get B, but that is not the case. In order to get B, A alone is not sufficient because there are other conditions or actions that must be presumed. Let me explain further by giving you an example: if a seller thinks that he will get more buyers if he lowers the price, he better think again. There are many hidden assumptions that might not be favorable to the seller. Assumption 1, the competitor might not compete with the seller. Assumption 2, the market had never been saturated.

Now let us go back to my experience. I was told to make an exit popup in my squeeze page in order to retain more prospects.
That was an easy thing for me to do since I had bought Exit Splash but when I was about to use in, the page was using a Plugin and I could not change it (merely because it’s from the done-for-you-package). I only have limited knowledge regarding php. I asked for support but it took a lot of time and they were not able to give a solution. I was forced to work day and night to determine the problem and hopefully find the right answer. It took me 4 days to finish sorting out the problem.

Next was tracking installation. I bought the demon tracking software which worked fine with my other site but not with this particular site. I spent another 7 days to sort everything out.
Okay, enough of that, my point is there is ALWAYS some difficulties in every project. If you don’t prepare for it, then expect to feel frustrated later on and hope for something easier. You might even conclude that the path you chose to take is not for you.

So, be prepared to face such situation in your journey. As I mentioned before, I always encounter a sort of Obstacle EVERY TIME I chose a certain path. When I say every time, I really mean EVERY TIME (see my previous blogs). When such hardship suddenly popped up, I don’t feel discouraged anymore. Do not even try or attempt to jump to another project that looks easier. Just focus on your current project, have enough persistence, and soon you will reap the fruit of your success.

P.S.: My mentor advised me to look for an outsourced program (regarding my problem earlier) to fix everything for me next time when I encounter such problem again. You know what, he’s right and now I know what to do, find a cheap support perhaps?

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