Mindset # 4: Think about abundant money paths you can choose from (without sacrificing personal value)

~Online can give abundant opportunities. There are far more ways to earn money online than you can ever imagine~

When I was starting out, a lot of people (like me) do think there exists the easiest way to earn money. So, like most people, I try to look into the offers coming to my email box everyday. I was hoping (and expecting) to find the REAL ONE that I have been waiting for.

After buying so many courses and being scammed for so many times, I discovered one thing – there are thousands of ways to make money online and every path really works. My only consolation is that I did earn some money on each path I took.

If you will take a look at it carefully, in each path there are guys who really find the ways to earn the big bucks. It is actually a matter of choice; however, I am also aware of something.

When I make a certain choice, it is not only about how much money that path can provide and I did struggle with other things. One of the struggles I need to face is about personal value.

Let me ask you a question, if you joined a program and the guy showed you his earnings from all the programs he runs (let us assume that the earnings are real) and one of them only requires sending 10 emails to people each day, will you accept the offer and do it? Understand that I am not against this or anything, but that is definitely something that I don’t want to do. Another situation, there is a big market for selling Adult materials where earning money is fast and easy, will you dive in? If you will ask me I will not do it due to personal preference, but that is me. Other people have other opinion about it as well.

Another struggle is about actual selling. We don’t like it when some people keep on insisting on us to buy their product. We don’t want to be judged as a pushy salesman either. Let me just clarify certain things, I know that selling is very crucial to business and it is a matter of acceptance. There is also this fact that there are different kinds of people out there and all are potential clients or buyers but we don’t have any means of knowing if our marketing activities or strategies will offend anyone or not. My point here is not about to sell the product or not to sell the product – it is the awareness regarding the kind (or intensity) of marketing involved in certain paths that might make you uncomfortable.

Let me illustrate, if you choose to focus on publishing kindle books you actually don’t need to market and sell your own books because Amazon will basically cover most of the work for you.

If you want to launch a product (eBooks, software, or course), the crucial factors to consider in order to achieve success are networking with JVs and positioning yourself in front of the general public as the expert on the matter.

In any case, you might not fully agree with the things I’ve said but those are the struggles I need to face head on when I started. Honestly, I really want to earn money fast especially during those times when I’m in some kind of pit (desperate situation, in other words). However, I want you to know that you have a choice – you ALWAYS have a choice. There are lots of ways to earn money online. Choose the one that best suits your ability and your personal value.

At the end of the day if I earned a lot of money, I want to be proud of the things I had able to accomplish without sacrificing my personal value. I can truly say that it is indeed a good way to end the day – people benefit from it and I had not compromised my personal value just to earn that amount of money.



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