Mindset #1 – A fast Quitter is doomed to fail.

I used to think that this mindset thing is more on a theoretical side and not something that you should spend your precious time with. I am quite puzzled why all those courses usually put something like that in the beginning of their modules (there are also courses that only put such line just to make them selves look more professional and great while there are others that are merely following the trend).

Later as I continued my IM journey, I learned that mindset indeed very important.

Now, let us be practical.

Allow me to ask you a question. If you follow your course to the dot in building your website, yet you did not generate any traffic and no result, what would be your reaction?

– Conclude that the course is a scam?

– Suspect that the course is not working?

Would you believe me if I told you that most marketers who became successful online knew that only 1 out of 10 sites under them can really attain serious success?

You might think I am pulling your leg if I tell you now that many gurus actually lose their dollars upfront and then get the return later with a whopping 200% and 300%.

When I was still new or just starting out, I was expecting to get results real fast and when things failed to meet my expectations, I just regarded the course as rubbish and I immediately switch to another one.

Many experienced marketers told me that a lot of “newbies” are just breath away from reaching the line of success but they suddenly quit when they are only inches away from it. They failed to do things consistently (such as building backlinks and driving traffic to their sites) to reach the finish line.

I have to make a confession, I was one of those newbies. I created an Amazon website selling some products and did some back linking but I got bored. Soon, I started watching training videos that were more interesting and browsing through forums to get more information. I was waiting for the site to occupy a spot in the first page of Google. Everyday, I log in to my Google analytic account and unfortunately I did not see the site within the first 500 domains.

I waited for a whole day until weeks passed by – still nowhere in sight. Then I quit looking at it and declared that the project was a complete and utter failure. The thing about it is that I believed that I had spent ample hours of keyword research just to get a good niche (and I was certain that I had a good niche) then I bought the relevant domain. In the end, that too failed even I don’t know why that happened when I was so sure but it did not matter since there were so many new courses to choose from out there to give me easier and quicker money. All I need back then was a switch.

To be honest, this scenario happened for several months and I was looking and hoping for a quick fix. Accidentally, on one incidence, I found out that Amazon website landed the 6th position on the Google’s first page for a keyword that was not originally targeted.

Geez, I should have closely monitored it and started working more to put it to higher places.

I began to review my other sites that I had neglected for a long time. There were some sites where I paid some money in exchange for some traffic but I was not able to make a sale and then I nonchalantly declared it as not working.

I realized I had the same problem of trying on a certain project once or twice and if I’m not happy with the result during those trial moments I let it die and chase after the next opportunity.

I decided to focus on tweaking and making adjustments on the existing site and looked at my FAILURE in a different light and called it useful information in achieving success. The tweaking did a good job in bringing in considerable number of subscribers and sales.

So the lesson learned from my failure as stated above is that in order to succeed, you need substantial amount of time and effort (the tweaking part). In fact, the so called failure in this sense is the cost or the investment for acquiring the information on gaining success in your business.

So with this, let me share several mindsets that will practically transform your current mindset and prepare you for the bigger challenges that you need to face in your journey.

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